The Golden Spoon is the world's first electric spoon. It was designed to eliminate the toil and the repetitive bowl to mouth monotony of the traditional spoon. Also, the Golden Spoon reduces the time spent eating each meal by over 75%.


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The making of the Golden Spoon was a collaboration between the artist and the designers and engineers of the Ryko Design Group. Currently, all models are custom designed and manufactured. Production models will be available in Q4 of 2009.

The Casing

For the body of the Golden Spoon, gold-plated tubes are produced at the Ryko Design laboratory in San Jose in a variety of custom sizes. The appropriate custom size can be determined in the Golden Spoon human factor studies (under the hand anthropometrics section).

Powering the Spoon - Cyclone 5 Turbine

With its proven record for reliabiliy and quality, the Swiss made Cyclone Series has once again proven itself to be the leader in miniature turbine manufacturing.The Cyclone 5, a very reliable and powerful engine, now delivers 10Lbs of thrust with full autostart, and with a total installed weight of 1/2Lb, it can now power a much wider variety of models. Maximum thrust 44N/10Lbs at 195,000 rpm.
Idle thrust 1.5N at 50,000 rpm.
In actual food tests, this motor was able maintain its thrust and velocity in all food stuffs, including thick yogurt with granola.

Gold Plating Process

The gold is applied as a series of overlapping, concentric circles. The gold becomes opaque when the thickness reaches around 5 micro-inches (0.000005 inches). Using the Gold Star and our Brush Gold Solution, one pass of concentric circles applies around 5 micro-inches. Since we have always had a lifetime warranty on our gold plating, we want to make sure we apply around 30 micro-inches of gold. This means we cover the entire emblem approximately 6 times.

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